Our vision

Our Vision

“To provide trusted health service to every needy child without discriminating on the basis of religion, caste, or gender”.

India Positive has embarked upon this journey to take care of the children who are deprived from the basic health facility. It is rightly said that the present condition of children is the testimony of the overall health of the society. We wish to contribute positively to the overall content of happiness in the society by rendering our helping hand to the underprivileged children in the field of medical care and health. We believe by doing this work we are fulfilling our mandatory social responsibility.

Our Core Values

  • Caring for all.
  • Offering opportunities
  • Making justice our concern
  • Maximizing self esteem
  • Inspiring each other
  • Trusting and being trustworthy
  • Taking stewardship seriously
  • Enabling growth and learning
  • Dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of truth